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Samsung, Sony and Google is working on Smart Contact Lenses

Imagine how different the world will be if we can record everything we see, right through the eye or view a high definition video without any smart glasses. The three giant companies of the world Samsung, Sony and google is now working towards this impossible.

Samsung Smart contact lens project

The main objective of Samsung’s contact lens project is to deliver high quality images directly to the user that solves the low quality issues in the smart glasses. Moreover, lenses can provide a more natural way to provide augmented reality than conventional smart glasses and the power requirements for this size of device will be considerably low.


Google Smart contact lens project


Google smart contact lens is fitted with miniaturized glucose sensor that helps to detect diabetes. The two layers of lens will contain tiny wireless chip which will monitor the glucose level in tears. Google is looking forward to developing tiny LEDs that will light up when the glucose level crosses certain thresholds.


Over the years, many scientists have investigated various body fluids—such as tears—in the hopes of finding an easier way for people to track their glucose levels. But as you can imagine, tears are hard to collect and study. At Google[x], we wondered if miniaturized electronics—think: chips and sensors so small they look like bits of glitter, and an antenna thinner than a human hair—might be a way to crack the mystery of tear glucose and measure it with greater accuracy.

-http://googleblog.blogspot.in : Official Google Blog.

Sony Smart contact lens project

Sony is working towards something bigger than Google and Samsung. They have plans for a wearable lens that can take photos and videos. The phone will have to be tethered to a smartphone to store these data. According to the parent, the lens might be using an organic electroluminescence display screen.


organic electroluminescence display

An organic EL display that realizes low electric power consumption and display with high brightness by decreasing the resistance of the electrode on the scanning side is provided. The display device of the invention includes a substrate, first electrodes in a stripe form comprising a transparent conductive material formed on the substrate, an insulating film having prescribed openings formed on the first electrodes, an organic layer comprising an organic light emitting material formed on the openings and the insulating film, and second electrodes in of a stripe form formed on the organic layer, wherein the first electrodes comprise a material having a large resistance than a resistance of the second electrodes, the first electrodes and the seconds electrode are arranged to cross each other, the organic layer is formed only in the crossing part of the first electrodes and the second electrodes, a first circuit supplying a first electric current is connected to the first electrodes, and a second circuit supplying a second electric current larger than the first electric current is connected to the second electrodes.

– http://www.google.com/patents/US6380673 

The operations can be controlled by eye movements (for camera focus and zoom) and eye blinking.
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