QR codes as the name suggests, are much quicker and efficient than our traditional 1 dimension Barcodes. It stores data by the arrangements of dots. For technical reference, visit the Wikipedia page which explains it beautifully.

Let’s see, how to create such a QR code for our own data. There are several software available on internet. But most of them are trail versions. We need simple, free and an efficient one. FREE QR CREATOR from smp-soft is a great choice for Windows users. It is absolutely free and can be used to  create Micro QR codes as well as standard ones. Micro QR codes are smaller version of normal QR codes where the area of code available is limited. It has more data density than standard ones.
A version 40 QR code can store up to 1832 characters! Which is hundreds of times more data density than Barcodes.

FREE QR Creator for Windows

Free QRCode creator screenshot

Enter anything you want in the DATA box and the software automatically converts it into corresponding QR code. The generated code can be saved as jpg, bmp, png, gif, tiff or emf. It also provides the option to change the background, foreground and to add border for the code. The border can be added either at ‘top and bottom’ or at all four sides. Moreover you can copy the generated image to clipboard and then can be pasted to Paint or Photoshop like image editors.

Online QR Code Generators

QR Code Readers

QR Code Reader Device
The QR code can be decoded using smartphone applications or dedicated QR code readers. There are several apps available for our smartphones. Currently, almost all major OS platforms will provide QR code readers. QR Code readers (hardware) cost more than barcode readers since it requires a 2 Dimensional scanner.
Android QR Code Scanner Result
Download the perfect Barcode/QR Code Reader for Android:-  BarcodeScanner for Android. This app works very well and is free. For other operating systems, search on your app market using ‘QR code reader’ or just with ‘QR code’ to download QR Code reader application.
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