C++ Library Management Software with Source Code

Believe me, building a library management software in C++ is always a difficult thing. I have done library management software in java, c# and felt so much easiness in getting things done. Yet, this was my first library management software. Here I am going to share a simple library management program in C++ / Cpp as console application for schools and colleges. This program took me around 4 months to complete. The code is written as simple as possible. During the initial stage there were only just book issue and book submission modules. Later i have added more and more functions to improve Library Assistant. Thanks to Object Oriented Programming.


Simple and easy User Interface
Ability to add and edit students, books
Add New Student Window
Dedicated Admin Panel
Admin Panel
Barcode Reader Support

Bar code is supported for book issue and book submission process.

Organize Members by their Class / Level
Member Organization
Library Overview Panel on Startup
Library Overview
Multithreaded book and member search
Multithreaded Book Search
Single-click Book Submission
Easy to use book submission

How to run the program ?

  1. Download the zip file from above link
  2. Run Library Management System.exe
  3. The default password is ‘PPM’ (case sensitive).
  4. Done !

Read About Java Implementation of Library Software; Library Assistant 4

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