We deal with barcodes every day. Compared to QR codes or Quick Response codes, it is simple to generate, read using a barcode reader. This is a java application that uses ‘barcode4j’ library to generate barcodes. Barcode Maker allows to create large number of barcodes between specified ranges. It basically reads the starting count, make the barcode and save to specified location. Then increments the number by the given increment interval, make and save. This is repeated until the end count given reached.


Starting Count
From which number the barcode is to be generated. Type 0 to start from 0
Ending Count
Up to what number the barcode is to be generated. Say 100
Increment by
Next barcode to be generated is found using the formula Starting Count + Increment by
No of zeros before
Will help to adjust the barcode width for smaller number like 0 and 1. If you are generating barcodes from 0-1000 then starting barcodes will be very small in width. This can be fixed by adding no of zeros before the number. Say 2
Save to
Choose where you want to save the generated barcodes



Main Window of Barcode Make with Sample Input
Barcode Creating Completed
Progress monitor
Created barcodes

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Muhammed Afsal Villan
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