Building Real-World Microservices with Spring Boot 3: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ll explore the world of microservices using the latest Spring Boot 3 framework. We’ll create a real-world video streaming app, covering all essential aspects of microservice development.

We will start with the fundamentals of microservice architecture and then explore the implementation of key components like service registry, configuration server, API gateway, and distributed tracing system, this tutorial provides an in-depth experience for building applications in this architecture.

What You’ll Learn

  • The basics of microservice architecture
  • How to create a video streaming app using microservices
  • Implementing service registry with Eureka server
  • Creating and testing individual microservices
  • Using API Gateway with Spring Cloud Routing
  • Service-to-service communication
  • Centralized configuration management with config server
  • Distributed tracing system with Zipkin

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Muhammed Afsal Villan
Muhammed Afsal Villan is an experienced full-stack developer, specialized in desktop and mobile application development. He also regularly publishes quality tutorials on his YouTube channel named 'Genuine Coder'. He likes to contribute to open-source projects and is always enthusiastic about new technologies.