Library Assistant 4.0 – The Best Library Management Software For Free

Library Assistant is a free Java based simple library management software developed mainly for schools and colleges. Library Assistant 4.0 comes with great features such as enhanced search, bar code support etc.

Simple User Interface

LA is designed for simplicity by hiding complex things from the user. You can issue a book by just 3 clicks or submit a book with just 2 clicks!

BarCode Ready

Library Assistant supports barcode readers. You can increase your library efficiency simply by making use of Bar code readers with LA.

Run it Anywhere and Everywhere

LA is platform independent. You can run it on your favorite Operating System. All that you need is the Java Runtime Environment installed.

A username and password is required for logging in. You can set your username and password during initial configuration.

Login Screen for LA

Advanced Book Search

You can search for a book by its Title, Author, Publisher, Book ID (Bar code Number) or even with its location on the library.
Book search window
Search Window

Not Returned the Books Yet? Notify Them

LA introducing a new email notification feature that send a notification email to the members with details regarding book issue and fine amount.
Email Notification window
Email Notification Window

Track Members

Library Assistant can keep of track of member’s each activity. So you can easily differentiate between active and inactive members. 


Member profile window
Member View

Have an idea ? Let me know

LA has been getting updated for last 3 years. If you want a particular feature to be added on to LA, let me know in the comments.

Before downloading library assistant, your computer must have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. If it is not installed, please download the latest version from the below link. Library Management program for pc, Library Software, Library Assistant 4, Library Management Software, Library Program Java, Java Library Software, Library Management Software for Linux, Linux Library Software, simple library management system.
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