Custom Shapes for JavaFX UI Components

JavaFX allows great customization options. You can easily customise and reuse component designs using CSS. In this article, we will see how to apply custom shapes for any GUI component*.

Which components support custom shapes ?

All the components extending javafx.scene.layout.Region supports custom shapes with -fx-shape CSS. So, this can be applied to almost all the components including but not limited to Containers, Charts, Buttons, ListViews etc.

SVG Path

-fx-shape takes SVGPath. SVGPath is simply a string that can be interpreted as a complex shape. For example, following SVGPath creates a heart shape.


Using in JavaFX

You can apply these shapes to JavaFX Components using -fx-shape css property. For creating a button with heart shape, add the following CSS.

  -fx-shape: M23.6,0c-3.4,0-6.3,2.7-7.6,5.6C14.7,2.7,11.8,0,8.4,0C3.8,0,0,3.8,0,8.4c0,9.4,9.5,11.9,16,21.2

Create your own SVG Shapes

You can create your own custom shapes using

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