How to Add Facebook Page Plugin to Your Website or Blog

Facebook is currently the best place to promote our websites. It is always a better idea to start a dedicated Facebook page for your blog or website. You will be astonished by the amount of traffic it can provide. Moreover, sharing links across social medias will help to build a sold set of backlinks, which are one of the important parameters for search engine rankings.
As always, Let’s do this as steps.
  • Go to Facebook’s developer page by clicking here.
  • Copy and paste your Facebook page address. My page address is You can get this address by simply visiting the page and copy address from address bar.
    It is possible to set Width and Height of the widget by giving required values in the proper text fields. But you can leave it empty if you want to.

  • A live preview will be generated after you paste the URL. Now it is time to integrate this to website. Click on the ‘Get Code’ button.
  • Copy The Step 2 Code. Paste it on your website, just below the <body> tag. [If you are using blogger, get HTML code from Template->Edit HTML option. Then Press ‘Save Template’]
  • Now copy the code under Step 3 and place where you want this plugin to appear. [ In blogger, Add HTML/Java Script widget with this code ]. Save changes.
  • Refresh your page. You will see a beautiful widget of your page. If you can’t, then carefully read and repeat the above steps.
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Muhammed Afsal Villan
Muhammed Afsal Villan is an experienced full-stack developer, specialized in desktop and mobile application development. He also regularly publishes quality tutorials on his YouTube channel named 'Genuine Coder'. He likes to contribute to open-source projects and is always enthusiastic about new technologies.