You can create barcodes for any alphanumeric combination using Zint Barcode Generator. Download Zint Barcode Studio From It is available for both windows and Linux.
Zint Barcode Generator Screenshot

Generating One Barcode at a Time

Open The Software and Type the Data To Be Encoded on Box. Then The Corresponding Barcode can be seen on the above box.

Just Press The Save Button and Select The location to be saved.

Generating A Large Number of Barcodes

Zint Barcode Studio allows to generate a large number of barcodes with sequential values. For that, just select 123.. button.
A new window will appear. Let’s understand this through an example. Let’s say I have to make barcodes for numbers 1-1000.
Then the entries should be as follows.
Start Value = 1
End Value =1000
Increment By  = 1.

Format  = $$$$
Format means, if you give $$$$ 
then the values will be 0001, 0002 ... 1000.
or if you give format as $$$$$, 
then the values will be 00001,00002 ... 01000
Press Create Button. Now You can see all the created barcode numbers on the ‘Sequence Preview’ Box
    • Click Import.
    • Select the Directory to be saved .
    • Done! Check the folder for barcodes

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